Satisfactory Academic Progress

Johnson State College matriculated undergraduate and graduate students must progress at a rate that ensures completion of their degree programs within a reasonable time frame in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid. Students are required to successfully complete credit hours totaling at least 67% of their credit hours attempted. For financial aid eligibility, total credit hours attempted, including transfer credits, cannot exceed 150% of graduation requirements.

Undergraduate students with fewer than 30 attempted credits must maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.75. Undergraduate students with 30 or more attempted credits must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0. Graduate students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Students will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure adherence to this policy. Any student not meeting the time progression standard or the minimum GPA requirements described above will be placed on Financial Aid Probation for a one-year period. During this probationary period, the student may maintain financial aid eligibility.

If, at the end of the probationary period, the student is not meeting the required credit hour standard and cumulative grade point average standard, the student's eligibility for further financial aid will be withdrawn until the student has met the required standards. Students whose aid has been withdrawn for not maintaining satisfactory academic progress according to the policy stated above may appeal their loss of aid in writing to the Financial Aid Office. Forms for this appeal are available from the Financial Aid Office. Appeals will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeal Board. Students must include in their appeal the reasons for not meeting the satisfactory academic progress standard. Reasons for appealing may include medical emergencies or family crises. Supporting documentation should be submitted with appeals. Students will be notified in writing of the Appeal Board's decision.

Students whose aid has been withdrawn should notify the Financial Aid Office when they have met the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid eligibility. Students will be notified in writing whether or not reinstatement has taken place. Students are encouraged to observe all routine application procedures and deadlines for financial aid while awaiting notification of reinstatement.

This policy applies to students receiving: