EDU-4630 Integrated Elementary Methods Practicum: Intention, Knowledge, and Presence

9 credits

Prerequisite: EDU-3311 and EDU-3440; Corequisite: EDU-3125 and EDU-4368.

This course provides elementary classroom teacher candidates with an integrated experience of teaching and study resulting in working knowledge of elementary school curriculum, pedagogy, and policies. Work done for seminar-style class sessions is integrated with candidates' Student Teaching experience and builds on daily observations and direct work with teachers and children at the elementary level. Readings and activities cover overarching ideas about learning and leaners, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment and current research, initiative, and policy. Seminars focus on methods and materials needed to teach literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science, but emphasis is also placed on integrating academic disciplines with the arts, physical education, technology, experiential learning, and thematic units. Instruction occurs in once-a-week seminars that are held in JSC's "partner schools."