ENG-3525 Victorian Literature

3 credits

Prerequisite: ENG-1052, ENG-1310, and one 2000-level literature survey course.

This course examines poetry, prose, drama, and nonfiction selections from the Victorian period in Great Britain (1837-1901). It will consider pressing issues of Victorian culture as these intersect with literature, such as science, politics, economics, morality, sexuality, and gender. The semester is divided into four units. Unit 1 looks at representations of and expectations for women and attempts to enlarge or change women's roles and relationships. Unit 2 examines rising industrialization and resulting political and economic effects for the individual and society. Unit 3 considers the role of science and imperialism in unsettling certainties regarding religion and personal relationships. Unit 4 looks at various responses to previous Victorian ideologies of empire, the self, and the role of art. As we move through the course, students will analyze overlapping concerns among the unit readings in order to gain a broader understanding of how views on, for example, women's roles in society, the economic benefits of capitalism, and the British imperialism were contested and developed.