ENG-2031 Editing and Publishing: The Literary Magazine

3 credits

Prerequisite: ENG-1051.

This course teaches students the basic principles and fundamentals of literary magazine editing, production, and layout. This includes the fundamentals of editorial selection, the processing and managing of submissions, editorial discussions of submitted material, editorial correspondence (rejections and acceptances), ordering of the final manuscript, and preparation of the electronic manuscript for typesetting. Students will be responsible for producing and publishing an edition of the journal over the course of the semester. Students will act as editors and editorial assistants, reading, identifying, and selecting well-written manuscript submissions, as well as selecting art. Students will also work in both production and marketing. Students will develop skills in evaluating and reading copy, and editing prose and poetry. Also, students will evaluate art and photography; developing skill in layout and production. In addition, students will interview and write articles on contemporary writers. This will be primarily a lab course, academic in nature. (May be taken three times for credit.)