Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Drama

The B.A. in Theater and Drama is designed to serve students who aspire to become theater performers, teachers, theater technicians and managers, or those who wish simply to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them as part of a strong liberal arts education. It also prepares students for graduate work.

Learning Outcomes for Theater and Drama Majors

  1. Students will articulate their grasp of the many facets of theater, including its history, literature and performance, through writing, speech, and their own performance.
  2. Students will acquire the verbal and writing skills necessary to master the processes of analysis, criticism, and interpretation unique to theater and, yet, interdisciplinary as well.
  3. Students will develop their individual skills in acting, directing, design, and management both on and offstage and in the classroom, making the link between the "page" and the "stage."
  4. Students will be prepared to succeed in the professional world of theater, in graduate school, teaching, or working in community settings.
  5. Students will collaborate with fellow students and faculty in developing their own levels of focus, discipline, and responsibility within a creative environment.