Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater

The B.A. in musical theater will link already-existing programs in theater, music, and dance, relying primarily on present resources in the Performing Arts Department and creating several new classes unique to the demands of singer/actor training, a market whose growth in the New England area has been quite sturdy in the past decade. The program will require 55 credits in theater and music, including up to 3 classes in dance and an internship. This degree brings theater, music, and dance together in a collaboration designed to enhance the employment possibilities/potential of singer/actors and widen their career prospects as performers, training them to compete in the musical theater market.

Learning Outcomes for Musical Theater Majors

  1. Demonstrate fluency in all facets of theater/music including writing, speech, sight reading, and performance.
  2. Possess the verbal and writing skills to analyze, criticize, and interpret both music and play script.
  3. Master skills of acting, singing, and dance both on and off the stage.
  4. Articulate the role of musical theater and theater in creating and sustaining community and local culture.
  5. Describe and apply knowledge of audience development, theater production, and the economic sustainability of a theater company or service.