THA-3010 Shakespeare: "On the Stage and on the Page"

3 credits

Prerequisite: Upper-division status, and completion of Parts I and II of the General Education Core Curriculum (GECC).

Team-taught by theater and English faculty, this survey of Shakespeare will examine the playwright's use of various dramatic genres—comedy, tragedy, history and romance—from the perspective of both literary history and the theater. We will explore ways in which a playwright's blueprint –the text of the play—becomes a full-blown theater production. We will also investigate some of the outstanding features of dramatic structure and the creation of dramatic character and subject matter, as these are embodied in performance. In addition, the course will challenge students to consider the effects on Shakespeare of issues of intellectual and social history: the concept of the divine right of kings; the concern with order and degree throughout nature; questions of gender, social role and autonomy; evolving attitudes toward language and imagery and toward the function of literature in social, political and aesthetic life. Meets Part III of the GECC.