ENG-3395 Satire in Literature

3 credits

Prerequisite: ENG-1052 and ENG-1310 or ENG-2171 or ENG-2172 or ENG-2281 or ENG-2282 or ENG-2321 or ENG-2322 or ENG-2510.

This course is an introduction to the vast and varied genre of satire, tracing origins to Old Comedy and Roman Verse satire, tracing satire theory from classical models up through 20th-century structuralism and postmodern theory. We'll study Aristophanes, Horace and Juvenal, Menippean satire of Lucian and Petronius, bits of Rabelais, Chaucer, Donne, Butler and Marvell, as well as whole works from neoclassic masters Alexander Pope, John Dryden and Jonathan Swift. As satire has evolved in the last two centuries into a predominately narrative, not verse, form, we'll study a number of anti-utopian novels such as Animal Farm, Brave New World, Memoirs From a Bathtub, as well as view Metropolis and Modern Times as cinematic satires.