Johnson State College employs letter grades as indicated below:



Grade Points


High competence



High competence



High competence



Good competence



Good competence



Good competence



Moderate competence



Moderate competence



Moderate competence



Minimum acceptable competence



Minimum acceptable competence



Minimum acceptable competence






Incomplete (See Incompletes below)


P or NP

Pass/No Pass



No grade indicates that no grade has yet been submitted. The grade will be recorded upon course completion.



Transfer credit



Credit granted (non-course work)








*Withdrawals are recorded by the Registrar's Office only after receipt of an authorized course withdrawal.

In general, faculty grades are due at the Registrar's Office 48 hours after each course's final examination.

Pass/No Pass Option

Students may elect to be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis. The Pass/No Pass option is designed to encourage students to take courses that they otherwise would not take for fear of receiving low grades. For performance of D- work or better, a grade of P (Pass) is recorded on the student's record. Credit is received for P grades, but the grades do not affect the student's grade point average. Failing work is recorded as NP (No Pass). NP grades do not earn credit nor does the grade affect the student's grade point average. Students select this option by indicating P/NP as their grade option when they register.

Courses taken with a grade of P do not count toward requirements of the General Education Core Curriculum, EDP General Education requirements, or in general, the requirements of a student's major or minor. In addition, students may NOT take Basic Skills courses as Pass/No Pass.


The grade of Incomplete (I) may be given to work of satisfactory quality when the amount of required work has not been completed because of illness or other reasons beyond the control of the student. A grade of I is not to be used instead of the grade of F in situations involving a student's lack of ability or negligence. Grades of I will automatically revert to an F if a final grade, or alternate default grade, is not submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to the Incomplete deadline submitted by the instructor with the I grade. In general, grades of Incomplete are to be completed by the end of the seventh week of the semester immediately following the semester in which the Incomplete grade was given. Courses carried through with an I into the following semester do not count toward the student's credit load for tuition billing purposes or for additional credit toward graduation.

Not Graded Work

The grade of NG may be given for a course when an instructor has not yet assigned grades for the course. This may happen when a course is still in progress at the semester deadline for grade submission. Course work carried into a second semester with a grade of NG does not count toward a student's credit load for tuition billing purposes or for additional credit toward graduation in the second semester.

Repeat Course Option

Students may repeat any course* that they have previously taken to attempt to earn a higher grade. When a course has been repeated within the Vermont State College system (VSC), the initial grade remains on the transcript but is taken out of the student's cumulative GPA. The most recent grade will be the only one computed in the student's cumulative average. Credit in the course may be earned only once. If the credit value of the course has changed, the repeated course is worth the new credit value.

When repeating a course at another institution outside of the VSC, the initial grade remains on the transcript but is taken out of the student's cumulative GPA. The grade from the repeated course being transferred to JSC will show as a transfer but will not be counted in the student's cumulative GPA.

Students may choose to use the Pass/No Pass option when registering for a repeat course, except for courses in their major or minor, in the General Education Program, or for basic skills courses (see Pass/No Pass option). If a grade of NP is earned, however, the repeat will not count. If a course was originally taken under a prior grading system, the effect on the student's average will be determined by using the new system.

*Some courses as indicated in the Course Description section of the catalog may be taken multiple times for credit.

Auditing a Course

No credit or grades are assigned for auditing courses. For additional information, see page 9.

Credit Granted (CR) for Non-Course Work

Students who are granted credit on the basis of CLEP examinations, military credit, lifetime experience portfolios, AP courses or other similar circumstances (as determined by Johnson State College) will receive a CR in the grade field. CR distinguishes the credit from TR, which is used for credits that are transferred in from another college or university.