Graduation Standards

Johnson State College wants all students to achieve, and be able to demonstrate their mastery of, important skills. This commitment is consistent with the mandate of the trustees and presidents of the Vermont State Colleges (VSC), including Johnson State College, that all students, in order to graduate, must satisfy graduation standards in four areas: writing, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and oral communication. As a mandate of the Board of Trustees and the Council of Presidents, the requirement to satisfy graduation standards supersedes all other catalog statements concerning academic regulations and requirements. Successfully fulfilling graduation standards at one VSC institution will be accepted as fulfilling the standards at any other VSC institution for an equivalent associate's or bachelor's degree.

All baccalaureate-level students must satisfy the following graduation standards as a condition for graduation:

First, students are required to pass the Quantitative Literacy Assessment exam (GRS-2000) or the Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning course (MAT-1080), AND

Second, all students must pass one course designated as "quantitatively enriched." The College and its faculty intend that, as soon as possible after that, a second "quantitatively-enriched" course will be required of baccalaureate-level graduates. [Courses with "QE:" preceding the title have been approved as quantitatively enriched.]

All associate-level students must satisfy the following graduation standards as a condition for graduation:

Comprehensive information about JSC graduation standards may be obtained by consulting "JSC Graduation Standards," available through the Vermont State Colleges' Portal site ( Students may receive electronic communications (through JSC e-mail addresses) about the required graduation standards, and the instructions to satisfy them.