Barbara Murphy, President of the College

M.F.A., Warren Wilson College

Daniel Regan, Dean of Academic Affairs

Ph.D., Yale University

David Bergh, Dean of Students

Ed.D., University of Vermont

Sharron Scott, Dean of Administration, Chief Technology Officer

M.S., University of Vermont

Penny Paradee Howrigan, Associate Dean of Enrollment Services

B.A., Simmons College

David Cavanagh, Associate Dean for External Degree Programs

M.A., University of Waterloo

Jo Ann Lamore, Assistant Academic Dean

M.A., Johnson State College

Douglas Eastman, Registrar

B.S., Springfield College

Michele Whitmore, Assistant Dean of Students

M.A., Johnson State College

Lloyd Adams, Maintenance Master Technician, Physical Plant

Loralie Adams, Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office

Tom Adams, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Dianne Allaire, Mailroom Supervisor

Jeffrey Angione, Circulation Coordinator, Library

Kristilyn Atkinson, Student Development Coordinator, Upward Bound

Jessica Auperlee, Administrative Assistant, Public Safety

Lisa Baranyay, Database Manager, Development and Alumni Relations

Leila Bandar, Coordinator of Arts on Campus

Amy Beattie, Coordinator of Online Learning and Services, External Degree Program

Jeff Bickford, Coordinator of Residential Life

Saul Blocher, Laboratory Technician, EPSCOR

Paul Bloomhardt, Inst. Technology Specialist

Tony Blueter, Director, Upward Bound

Andrea Bourdeau, Staff Assistant, Admissions

Deborah Bouton, Director of College Communications

Renee Breault, Head Athletic Trainer, SHAPE Facility

Raymond Brior, Librarian II

Bonnie Burns, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Renate Callahan, Assistant to the Academic Dean, Academic Dean's Office

Kristin Cannon, Coordinator of Student-Athletic Development and Sport Coach

Emily Colvin, Custodian II, Physical Plant

David Coolbeth, Maintenance Technician III, Physical Plant

Stacy Cote, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Lisa Cummings, Director of Financial Aid

Allyson Cunningham, Assistant Director of Conference and Events Services

Heloisa Dantas-Herder, Executive Assistant, President's Office

Linda Davis, Senior Accounting Specialist, Business Office

Lynda Despault, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Woody Dionne, Director, Physical Plant

Carolyn D'Luz, Staff Assistant, Academic Support Services

Sandy Duffy, Staff Accountant II, Business Office

Jo Anne Edwards, Access Services Librarian, Library

Valerie Edwards, Co-Director, External Degree Program

Joseph Farara, Faculty Librarian

Barbara Flathers, Assistant to the Dean of Students

Kelly Ford, Data Communications Specialist

Thomas Fordman, Senior Desktop Support Specialist, Information Technology Services

Pamela Gelineau, Serials/Government Documents Specialist, Library

Alice Godin, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, Library

Kimberly Goodell, Associate Director of Financial Aid

Diana Gonsalves, Financial Aid Specialist I, Financial Aid Office

Tammy Goss, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office

Elga Gruner, Assistant Director of Admissions

Matthew Hall, Security Officer, Public Safety Office

Sue Haney, Assistant Manager, Bookstore

Bethany Harrington, Admissions Specialist, Admissions

Peter Haselbacher, Badger Bullet Driver

Cynthia Hennard, Director, Counseling Services

Jan Herder, Technical Director, Dibden Center for the Arts

Catherine Higley, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Office

Ellen Hill, Director of Experiential Learning

Mary Hogan, Administrative Assistant, Fine & Performing Arts Department

Jarrod Irwin, Master Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Bahriddin Iskandarov, Desktop Support Specialist, Information Technology Services

Edson Jones, Master Maintenance Tech. III, Physical Plant

Patrick Keith, Physician, Health Services

Lisa Kent, Records Specialist III, Registrar's Office

Sara Kinerson, Director, Advising and Career Center

Keith Kirchner, Chemical Hygiene Officer

Eric Kirk, Manager Publications, Marketing & Printing Services

Carrie Koniuto, Office Coordinator, Health Center

Lori Koshowski, Nurse Practitioner, Health Center

Linda Kramer, Public Services Librarian, Library

Cindy Kullmann, Administrative Assistant, Academic Support Services

Michael Laflin, Security Officer, Public Safety Office

Jeffrey Lamore, Mechanical Systems Technician II, Physical Plant

Martha Lance, Learning Resource Center Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Jessica Lane, Records Specialist III, Registrar's Office

Joan Langlois, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Nita Lanphear, Staff Assistant, Physical Plant

Kenneth Lanphear, Master Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Rosanne Lehouillier, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Elizabeth Lyon, Advising and Career Center Specialist, Advising and Career Center

Joye Lyon, Assistant Director of Admissions, Admissions

Jeff Machia, Vehicle/Equipment Mechanic II, Physical Plant

Julie Machia, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Karen Madden, Director, Academic Support Services

Elaine Manning, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Brian Marcoux, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Martin McMahon, Mechanical Systems Technician II, Physical Plant

Ronald Miller, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Rose Modry, Academic Skills Advisor, Academic Support Services

Ken Moore, Mechanical System Tech II, Physical Plant

Zachary Morse, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Patrick Moulton, Maintenance Tech III, Physical Plant

James Mount, Security Officer, Public Safety Office

David E. Muir, Maintenance Supervisor, Physical Plant

Blagorodna Nedeljovic, College Counselor, Counseling Center

Emily Neilsen, Coordinator of First-Year Events

Julie Noyes, Admissions Counselor II

Sandra Noyes, Staff Assistant, Humanities and Writing/Literature Departments

Michael Osborne, Assistant Athletic Director, SHAPE Facility

Ron Osbourne, Manager, Bookstore

Rhonda Osgood, Staff Assistant, External Degree Program

Michael Palagonia, Director, Public Safety

Lauren Philie, Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Dennis Richards, Custodian III, Physical Plant

Patrick Rogers, Associate Director of Admissions

Susan Rothschild, Human Resource Coordinator

Deneen Russell, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Business Office

Timothy Russo, Senior Financial Aid Officer

Vicky Sanborn, Staff Assistant, Behavioral Sciences and Education Departments

Joanne Shaw, Custodian II, Physical Plant

Richard Simmons, Learning Specialist, Academic Support Services

Earl Smith, Security Officer, Public Safety Office

Dorothy Spoerl, Asst. Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Services

Dannielle Spring, Director of Conference & Events Services

Clyde Stats, Assistant Director and EDP Advisor, Academic Support Services

Jennifer Stefanski, Coordinator, First-Year Support

Toby Stewart, Controller, Business Office

Krista Swahn, Director of Student Activities and Community Services

Wendy Velander, Director of the SHAPE Facility and Coordinator of Intramurals & Recreation

Jamey Ventura, Director of Athletics and Recreation

Andrea Wadlington, Accounting Specialist III, Business Office

Margaret Warden, Director of First-Year Experience

Melissa Weinstein, Web amd Digital Communications Manager,, Marketing & Printing Services

David Whitney, Maintenance Lead, Physical Plant

Deborah Whitney, Custodial/Housekeeping Supervisor, Physical Plant

Brian Wilcox, College Counselor, Counseling Center

Catherine Wilson, Academic and Career Advisor, Advising and Career Center

Krystal Woodward, Office Assistant, Athletics

Heidi Wrighton, Coordinator of Career Services, Advising and Career Center