External Degree Program

Johnson State's External Degree Program (EDP) serves adult students throughout Vermont who have already completed 60 or more credits of acceptable college-level work. Each student works closely with an advisor who has an office at the student's local Community College of Vermont site or on campus at JSC. The advisor helps the student develop and carry out a plan to earn the remainder of the credits needed for a B.A. degree. A minimum of 30 credits must be earned while in the program.

Students can take courses in a variety of formats and at various locations, including: JSC courses held on Saturdays or Sundays once a month throughout Vermont, online courses, courses on campus at Johnson State, and courses at other colleges.

The following degrees are available through the External Degree Program. For more information on specific requirements, please refer to the departmental sections of this catalog.

Two of the majors, B.A. in Business Management and B.A. in Professional Studies, are available entirely online as well as in the classroom or through a combination of online and classroom-based courses. More than half, but not all, of the courses for the B.A. in Liberal Arts and the B.A. in Psychology, are available online.

Other Johnson State degrees, along with secondary teaching licensure, are also available through the External Degree Program for students who are able to take some courses on campus at Johnson State College.

For information on requirements in the major, general education, and other degree requirements for students completing a bachelor's degree through the EDP, refer to the table of contents or the index for appropriate sections in this catalog.