Academic Departments

Behavioral Sciences

B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology (J.BA.ANS)

B.A. in Psychology (J.BA.PSY)

B.S. in Wellness & Alternative Medicine (J.BS.WAM)

Minors: Anthropology and Sociology, Psychology

Business & Economics

B.A. in Business Management (J.BA.BUS)

B.A. in Hospitality and Tourism Management (J.BA.HTM)

A.S. in Management (J.AS.BMG)

Minor: Business (for non-business majors only) (J.CT.NPM)

Certificates: Nonprofit Management, Small Business Management (J.CT.SBM)


B.A. in Childhood Education (K-6) (J.BA.CED)

Elementary Classroom Teacher (K-6): Elementary Education

Secondary Classroom Teacher (7-12): English Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, and Social Studies Education

Unified Arts Teacher (PK-12): Art Education, Dance Education, Music Education, Physical Education, and Theater Arts Education

Environmental & Health Sciences

B.A. in Biology: Field Naturalist (J.BA.BIO)

B.A. in Outdoor Education (J.BA.OED)

B.S. in Biology (J.BS.BIO)

B.S. in Environmental Science/Natural Resources (J.BS.ENV)

B.S. in Health Sciences (J.BS.HSI)

B.S. in Integrated Environmental Science (J.BS.INS)

Minors: Adventure Education, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Education, and Natural Resources

Teaching Education Programs: Physical Education (PK-12) and Science (7-12).

Fine & Performing Arts

B.A. in Art (J.BA.ART)

B.A. in Music: Classical, Jazz/Contemporary, and General (J.BA.MUS)

B.A. in Music and Music Education (J.BA.MSE)

B.A. in Musical Theater (J.BA.MTH)

B.A. in Theater and Drama (J.BA.TAD)

B.F.A. in Studio Arts (J.BF.STA)

A.A. in Technical Theater (J.AA.TTH)

Minors: Art History, Arts Management for Theater Majors, Dance, Music, Studio Arts, and Theater

Teacher Education Programs: Art (PK-12), Dance (PK-12), Music (PK-12), and Theater Arts (PK-12)


B.A. in History (J.BA.HIS)

B.A. in Political Science (J.BA.POS)

A.A. in General Studies (J.AA.GEN)

Minors: French, History, Political Science, Pre-Law, and Spanish

Teacher Education Program: Social Studies (7-12)


B.S. in Mathematics (J.BS.MAT)

Minor: Mathematics

Teacher Education Program: Mathematics (7-12)

Writing and Literature

B.A. in Communications and Community Media (J.BA.CCM)

B.A. in English (J.BA.ENG)

B.F.A. in Creative Writing (J.BF.CWR)

Minors: Creative Writing and Literature

Teacher Education Program: English (7-12)

Inter-Departmental Programs

B.A. in Liberal Arts (J.BA.LIA)

B.A. in Professional Studies (J.BA.PRO.EDP)

Minor: Gender Studies