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Johnson State College

A Message From President Barbara E. Murphy

Discrimination, Harassment, and Misconduct

Academic Degree Programs

General Information

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Academic Regulations and Requirements

Academic Departments

Department of Behavioral Sciences

Department of Business/ Economics

Department of Education

Department of Environmental & Health Sciences

Department of Fine & Performing Arts

Department of Humanities

Department of Mathematics

Department of Writing & Literature

Interdepartmental Programs

External Degree Program

Course Descriptions

Accounting Courses (ACC)

Allied Health Sciences Courses (AHS)

Anthropology Courses (ANT)

Art Courses (ART)

Art History Courses (ARH)

Biology Courses (BIO)

Business Courses (BUS)

Chemistry Courses (CHE)

Communications Courses (COM)

Community Service Courses (CSV)

Computer Information Systems Courses (CIS)

Dance Courses (DAN)

Economics Courses (ECO)

Education Courses (EDU)

EDU-TEW1 Teacher Education Workshop 1: Introduction to Teacher Education

EDU-TEW2 Teacher Education Workshop 2: Application for Practicum I

EDU-TEW3 Teacher Education Workshop 3: Application for Practicum II

EDU-TEW4 Teacher Education Workshop 4: Application for Student Teaching

EDU-TEW5 Teacher Education Workshop 5: Application for a Verification Check

EDU-1020 The Human Endeavor

EDU-1110 FYS: "What Is Called Thinking?"

EDU-2360 Perspectives on Learning in a Diverse Society

EDU-2365 The Ecology of Human Experience: Development, Culture, and Identify

EDU-2370 The Contemporary School

EDU-2910/4910 Independent Study in Education

EDU-3025 Evaluating Characteristics of Diverse Learners

EDU-3032 Language, Culture, Literature, & Education

EDU-3100 Literacy Intervention, Assessment, and Strategies

EDU-3110 Literature for Children

EDU-3112 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Integrated, Engaging, and Creative Learners; Part III: Unified Arts for Diverse Learners

EDU-3125 Technology for Integrating Instruction

EDU-3140 Partnering with the Adolescent Learner to Promote Student Engagement

EDU-3265 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Integrated, Engaging and Creative Lessons; Part I: Language, Literacy, & Literature for Diverse Learners

EDU-3266 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator - Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Integrated, Engaging, and Creative Lessons; Part II: Numeracy and Quantitative Reasoning for Diverse Learners

EDU-3300 Introduction to Classroom Management

EDU-3311 Foundations of Inclusive Practices

EDU-3360 Promoting Inventive Thinking: Integrating Multimodal Literacy Across the Curriculum

EDU-3440 Teaching Toward Democracy

EDU-3811 Elementary Student Teaching I

EDU-4051 Strategies to Promote Inclusive Practices

EDU-4130 Implementing Content Specific Methods in a Secondary Classrom

EDU-4310 The Art of Experience in Education: Designing for Engagement & Accomplishment Through the Unified Arts

EDU-4368 Classroom Strategies Practicum

EDU-4630 Integrated Elementary Methods Practicum: Intention, Knowledge, and Presence

EDU-4650 Capstone and Thesis Seminar

EDU-4812 Art Student Teaching

EDU-4820 Elementary Student Teaching II

EDU-4830 Music Student Teaching

EDU-4835 Physical Education Student Teaching

EDU-4850 Secondary Education Student Teaching

English Courses (ENG)

ENG-1005 College Reading

ENG-1031/1032 College Writing 1A and 1B

ENG-1070 Effective Speaking

ENG-1071 College Writing

ENG-1072 Exposition and Analysis

ENG-1090 FYS: The Vampyre in Western Culture

ENG-1220 Rhetorical Expression

ENG-1260 Introduction to Photojournalism

ENG-1310 Introduction to Literature

ENG-1330 FYS: Language of Film

ENG-1360 FYS: DYSTOPIA: Cautionary Tales of a Nightmarish Future

ENG-1420 FYS: Journaling - Writing in New Territory

ENG-2005 The Self-Sufficient Writer

ENG-2031 Editing and Publishing: The Literary Magazine

ENG-2051 Introduction to Newswriting

ENG-2052 Newspaper Publishing: Writing, Editing, Layout, and Design

ENG-2101 Creative Writing

ENG-2171/2172 World Literature I, II

ENG-2281/2282/2283 Survey of English Literature I, II, III

ENG-2321/2322 Survey of American Literature I, II

ENG-2323 FYS: 1492: Reading the Conquest

ENG-2355 FYS: Tradition and Identity in Contemporary Literature

ENG-2510 Women and Literature

ENG-2810/4800 Internship

ENG-2910/4900 Independent Study in English

ENG-3020 Feature Writing

ENG-3022 Advanced Newspaper Publishing: Writing, Editing, Layout, and Design

ENG-3032 Advanced Editing and Publishing: The Literary Magazine

ENG-3120 Poetry Workshop

ENG-3130 Fiction Workshop

ENG-3140 The Creative Essay

ENG-3270 Myth and Myth Making

ENG-3320 English Novel

ENG-3345 Contemporary Canadian Literature

ENG-3380 British Romantic Literature

ENG-3390 Literature of the Grotesque

ENG-3395 Satire in Literature

ENG-3405 Literary Journalism

ENG-3480 Modern Literature

ENG-3510 Contemporary Literature

ENG-3520 American Poetry

ENG-3525 Victorian Literature

ENG-3530 American Novel

ENG-3565 Shakespeare

ENG-3580 African American Literature

ENG-3680 Linguistics and Language History

ENG-4010 Issues in Journalism

ENG-4110 The Form and Theory of Fiction

ENG-4120 The Form and Theory of Poetry

ENG-4130 The Form and Theory of Nonfiction

ENG-4150 Literary Criticism and Theory

ENG-4160 Investigative Journalism

ENG-4510 Literary Research Tutorial

ENG-4720 Seminar in Literature

ENG-4920 Senior Thesis

English as a Second Language Courses (ESL)

Environmental Science Courses (ENV)

French Courses (FRE)

Geography Courses (GEO)

Geology Courses (GEY)

History Courses (HIS)

Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses (HTM)

Humanities Courses (HUM)

Interdisciplinary Courses (INT)

Mathematics Courses (MAT)

Music Courses (MUS)

MUS-1015 Meet the Masters

MUS-1030 Music Fundamentals

MUS-1050 Elementary Piano Class

MUS-1051 Keyboard Harmony I

MUS-1052 Keyboard Harmony II

MUS-1061 Ear Training I

MUS-1062 Ear Training II

MUS-1120 Applied Music Lessons

MUS-1120L Applied Music Lesson Lab

MUS-1120 Applied Music Lessons

MUS-1231 Music Theory I

MUS-1232 Music Theory II

MUS-2013 Jazz/Contemporary Theory & Improvisation III

MUS-2014 Jazz/Contemporary Theory & Improvisation IV

MUS-2023 Ear Training III

MUS-2024 Ear Training IV

MUS-2040 Foreign Language Diction

MUS-2053 Keyboard Harmony III

MUS-2054 Keyboard Harmony IV

MUS-2080 Songwriting I

MUS-2120 String Instrument Teaching Methods

MUS-2160 Introduction to Technology in Music

MUS-2211 Jazz/Contemporary Keyboard III

MUS-2212 Jazz/Contemporary Keyboard IV

MUS-2220 Music Ensemble

MUS-2231 Studio Recording I

MUS-2250 Introduction to Music Education

MUS-2313 Music Theory III

MUS-2314 Music Theory IV

MUS-2330 Elementary Voice Class

MUS-2350/4010 Music Theater Production

MUS-2361 Instrumental Techniques I

MUS-2362 Instrumental Techniques II

MUS-2810/4810 Internship in Music

MUS-2910/4910 Independent Study in Music

MUS-3031 History of Western Music I

MUS-3032 History of Western Music II

MUS-3040 Jazz in America

MUS-3050 The Social History of Rock and Roll

MUS-3060 Vocal Pedagogy K-12

MUS-3080 Choral Literature

MUS-3130 Composition

MUS-3140 Arranging/Orchestration

MUS-3160 Elementary School Music Methods

MUS-3210 Secondary School Music Methods

MUS-3215 Music Technology for the Classroom

MUS-3220 History of Blues

MUS-3230 Survey of American Musical Theater

MUS-3240 Applied Music Lessons

MUS-3260 Music Theater Workshop

MUS-3270 Choral Music Methods I

MUS-3271 Choral Music Methods II

MUS-3272 Studio Recording II

MUS-3310 Band Methods

MUS-3330 Worlds of Music

MUS-3350 Music of the Americas

MUS-3401 Conducting I

MUS-3402 Conducting II

MUS-3710 Special Topics in Music

MUS-4020 Final Production in Studio Recording

MUS-4030 Applied Music Lessons

MUS-4420 Seminar in Professional Preparation for Music Education

MUS-4720 Senior Recital

Outdoor Education and Recreation Courses (OER)

Philosophy Courses (PHI)

Physical Education Courses (PED)

Physics Courses (PHY)

Political Science Courses (POS)

Psychology Courses (PSY)

Science Courses (SCI)

Social Science Courses (SSC)

Sociology Courses (SOC)

Spanish Courses (SPA)

Theater Arts Courses (THA)


Financial Aid


Student Services


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