Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts

The BFA in Media Arts degree offers opportunities to explore the expanding world of media and expression. Emphasis includes educating students on aspects of creative inquiry, collaboration, and adaptation to emerging technologies. Courses will include image processing, animation, video, and new media. The BFA in Media Arts requires 60 credit hours in visual, performing, or interdisciplinary-related coursework. Students begin with introductory courses intended to increase their familiarity with artistic and theoretical concepts associated with media and art. As students progress through the program they are required to take more specialized courses. Seniors will be required to create a BFA thesis exhibition for public display. This program is designed to include lectures, lab hours, collaborative projects, and public presentations. Students will become immersed in the Media Arts Research Studio (MARS), which houses state-of-the-art hardware, software, and printing services. Admission to the program (generally in the sophomore or junior year) must be followed by a minimum of three semesters of studio work before the thesis exhibition. A student is admitted into the program only upon recommendation by the studio arts faculty and approval by the chairperson, following a successful portfolio review. All majors must participate in the monthly BFA critiques held in the Visual Arts Center Gallery. Each candidate for the BFA must present a senior thesis and talk during the final year of study. This thesis is prepared under the guidance and supervision of the art faculty and must demonstrate proficiency in a chosen area of concentration.

Learning Outcomes for Media Art Majors

Graduating students should be able to:

  1. Develop language and techniques for creating and critiquing media.
  2. Learn how to use computers and software for creative purposes.
  3. Learn a variety of conceptual, design, and experimental art-based principles.
  4. Introduce the history and criticism surrounding new media.
  5. Discover more about themselves and methods of self-expression through art and media.