EDU-4310 The Art of Experience in Education: Designing for Engagement & Accomplishment Through the Unified Arts

3 credits

Prerequisite: EDU-3112, EDU-3311, and EDU-TEW3.

This course examines curriculum theory and practice across time and through a variety of frameworks with specific attention to the role of experience and the unified arts. Topics include knowledge and understanding, processual and experiential learning, and engagement and motivation. A variety of designs are introduced and analyzed, such as theme-based, learner-centered, problem-oriented, and critical approaches, as well as inclusion, differentiation, multiculturalism, cooperative learning, backward design, and integration. Students will study the process of constructing content units employing Universal Design for Learning, with attention to technical literacy, diversity, and adaptation. This course provides a 40-60 hour supervised practicum in a local school accompanied by a regular seminar. An application for the practicum should be submitted during the prior semester. (Fall Semester)