EDU-3112 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Integrated, Engaging, and Creative Learners; Part III: Unified Arts for Diverse Learners

3 credits

Prerequisite: EDU-2370, EDU-TEW2, 2.75 GPA, pass PRAXIS I, and permission of program director.

This course examines the process and principles of instruction with specific attention to the aims of an integrated unified arts environment. Along with instructional theory and strategies, topics include aesthetics, movement, play, critique, and other creative aims as they enhance engagement and support development. The course also addresses literacy strategies for technical subjects. Using lesson study and professional learning communities, students will work together to develop, teach, and assess integrated, standards-based lessons during a 20-hour supervised practicum in a local elementary school. (Spring Semester)