EDU-3265 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Integrated, Engaging and Creative Lessons; Part I: Language, Literacy, & Literature for Diverse Learners

3 credits

Prerequisite: EDU-2370, EDU-3032, EDU-TEW2, 2.75 GPA, pass PRAXIS I, and permission of program director.

Language, literacy and literature for diverse learners are explored in the context of an elementary school classroom. The course requires the development, teaching, and assessment of integrated, engaging, and creative lesson plans for fully inclusive classrooms. Topics addressed at an introductory level include: language development (oral and written) as it relates to reading and writing, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, morphology, reading comprehension, and fluency. Assessment, identification, and intervention for reading and writing skills are introduced. Students will observe and participate in an assigned elementary school classroom under the supervision of a licensed teacher during a 60-hour practicum shared with EDU-3266, Instructional Dynamics Part II. (Spring Semester)