EDU-4650 Capstone and Thesis Seminar

3 credits

Corequisite: EDU-4812 or EDU-4820 or EDU-4830 or EDU-4835 or EDU-4850, and EDU-TEW5.

This course serves two purposes. The first is to provide a forum for reflective practice regarding the Student Teaching experience. Employing an action research approach, students will assess their Student Teaching experience with an aim of establishing a unique guiding theme for their identity as a novice teacher. Additionally, the course provides guidance for students through the final stage of submitting their capstone portfolio, which includes materials constructed over the span of their coursework as well as their thesis unit as implemented during Student Teaching. Students must make a public presentation of their thesis unit and their learning. Students seeking Initial Educator licensure must enroll for 3 credits; students will be placed in a seminar by location. Students may repeat the course for fewer credits.