OER-1070 Orienteering

3 credits

Prerequisite: Open to Freshmen only. Students must read pertinent course information and sign a contract.

This First-Year Seminar is NOT designed to teach the primitive living skills associated with surviving in the wilderness. However, it does involve a wilderness experience and associated course work that explores how and/or why some people manage to survive life threatening experiences while others don't live to tell their story. Using a case study approach to analyze misadventures, one can draw conclusions about what ti takes to survive adversity, and then link these ideas to personal success while navigating the complexities and challenges of the college experience. This course combines a multi-day backpacking experience (during the summer) with follow up meetings in the fall semester to help participants understand how the concepts of leadership, community, and having a sense of place are integral to surviving a wilderness living and travel experience, and how these lessons directly relate to surviving and thriving in the college experience, and in life. This is a first-year seminar course and meets the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GECC.