MUS-1120 Applied Music Lessons

3 credits

Prerequisite: Open to Freshmen only

This course looks at the musical and cultural "gumbo" of New Orleans. Beginning with the history of its founding and the development and natural history, the city's African-American, Franco-American and Anglo-American cultural traditions and the musics that developed from them will be examined, as well as how they function and are expressed in present day New Orleans. Styles covered will include traditional jazz, r & b/funk, cajun, zydeco, brass bands, and Mardi Gras Indians music. The affects of Hurricane Katrina on the culture and music of New Orleans will also be considered. The course will culminate with a trip to the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans in mid-April to experience the music and culture firsthand. This is a first-year seminar course and meets the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GECC.