ENG-4510 Literary Research Tutorial

3 credits

Prerequisite: Senior Standing.

This course in bibliographic methods, research, and writing represents the culmination of the undergraduate B.A. in English. Students will work intensively on a project of their own design, practicing the essential steps in literary research, writing, and presentation. Over the course of the semester, each student will complete an introduction and research question, a formal research proposal, a literature review and an explanation of how his/her research will contribute to the existing scholarship on the topic, an annotated bibliography, and an essay of 10-15 pages that meets basic scholarly standards for presentation at a professional conference. Each student will read their essay and entertain questions about their work at an end-of-the-semester conference hosted by the Writing/Literature Department. The instructor will guide students through what can be a daunting process, from topic selection, identifying scholarly editions, surveying criticism on the topic, refining the focus, and placing the students' ideas in the context of the literature. The success of the project that students undertake depends heavily upon their ability to work independently, to exercise their own initiative in gathering materials and/or visiting libraries, and to pace themselves throughout the semester. The course requires two trips to the UVM library; for the first, the class will go together, and for the second, each student will make his/her own arrangements as to the day and time.