DAN-3210 The Emperor Ain't Naked: A History of Western European Fashion and Social Dance from the Mid- 14th Century to the Early 20th Century

3 credits

Prerequisite: Junior Standing

What do the clothes that we wear and the dances that we perform socially tell us about who we are and when we lived? How does clothing inform us about a person's occupation or class? How do styles indicate age and sex roles? What can we learn about people's moods and opinions by looking at what they wear and how they move? How does underwear cosmetically redistribute the body to conform to the aesthetics of a particular time period, and why do these aesthetics change? How does clothing affect posture and the way that a person moves? How do clothing and dance affect one's health? What are the important social dances of each era? We will be looking at these questions in this hands-on, eye-opening course on the history of Western European fashion and social dance. This course meets Part III of the GECC.