Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

In this program, aspiring writers learn the craft of fiction, poetry, and prose nonfiction in literature courses and in writing workshops. Small classes and individualized instruction are key features of this student-centered program. A student and professional reading series and internships with the department's nationally recognized literary magazine, Green Mountains Review, complement the academic course work.

Learning Outcomes for Creative Writing Majors

The BFA in creative writing will:

  1. Enable students to produce their own poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction and to become proficient readers and interpreters of imaginative literature.
  2. Enable students to identify the major genres of literature, to recognize the features of each genre, and to explore and evaluate different approaches to literary criticism and interpretation.
  3. Develop students' abilities to analyze and explicate literary texts so that they can identify themes and ideas as well as recognize how formal literary devices affect meaning.
  4. Develop students' skills in editing and revising so that they will be prepared for graduate school in creative writing and/or for careers in publishing.