Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The B.A. in political science is designed to develop understanding of the theoretical and practical relationship between political culture and governmental structures at the four traditional levels of political organization—local, state, national and international. Students develop the ability to compare alternative systems and to understand the actual political process at various levels. Writing and research skills are also developed, especially in seminar and independent research courses. Graduates of the program are prepared for graduate and professional study and for positions of responsibility in public and civic organizations.

Learning Outcomes for Political Science Majors

Each graduate will:

  1. Have an ability to think critically and to demonstrate that ability through reading comprehension, critical analysis, and oral expression.
  2. Understand the theoretical relationship between political structure and governmental structures at the local, state, national, and international levels.
  3. Demonstrate writing and research skills in political science, identification of cause and effect relationships, evaluation of various political systems and theories; as well as skill in oral communication in debate, discussion and listening.
  4. Be capable of writing papers using analytic skills, research, factual information and personal analysis.
  5. Use self-evaluation to enhance the goal of becoming a critical thinker.
  6. Have developed a personal assessment and career plan supported by practical internship situations that enhance the student's ability to think critically, work with others, and gain field expertise.