Department of Education

Degree Programs

Childhood Education (B.A.)

Master of Arts in Education (M.A.) See the Johnson State College graduate catalog for information.

Teacher Education Programs

The Education Department offers Teacher Education Programs preparing students to become candidates for a Vermont Initial Educator Licensure in the following Endorsement Areas:

Elementary Classroom Teacher (Kindergarten through 6th Grade)

Elementary Education

Secondary Classroom Teacher (7th through 12th Grade)

English Education

Mathematics Education

Science Education

Social Studies Education

Unified Arts Teacher (Prekindergarten through 12th Grade)

Art Education

Dance Education

Music Education

Physical Education

Theater Arts Education

Faculty / Staff

Perry LaRoque, Associate Professor, Special Education and ABA Program Program Director

David McGough, Associate Professor, Interim Elementary Education Program Director

Kathleen Brinegar, Assistant Professor, Middle & Secondary Education Program Director

Eve Gagne, Teacher Education Licensure Coordinator

Philip Higgins, Clinical Faculty Coordinator

Cathy Light, Teacher Education Placement Coordinator

Steven Light, Unified Arts Program Director

Heather McCollum, Licensure Officer

Rebecca Pastor, Teacher Education Advisement Specialist

Penny Pizer, Teacher Education Portfolio Coordinator

Vicky Sanborn, Staff Assistant