FRE-3010 Culture and Civilization through Correspondence and Conversation Conversation

3 credits

This course is intended for students at the intermediate level. It is also intended for students wishing to get their minor in French. Based on the Cultura Project at MIT, this class pairs JSC students with Canadian students studying English at their Cegep in Terrebonne, Quebec. An email correspondence over the semester allows students to explore a wide range of topics such as food ways, family, current issues, holidays, heroes, and health care. JSC students write in English and Quebec students write in French. This native language use on questionnaires and in correspondence offers cultural nuances to be fully expressed. This cross-cultural approach offers learners a chance to observe, compare, and analyze similar materials from two target cultures. Within the classroom setting, students discuss their reactions and observations all in French, the target language. A home-stay immersion experience in Quebec may be included. May be repeated for credit.