ENG-2355 FYS: Tradition and Identity in Contemporary Literature

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to investigate the influence of the past on the present, especially as this influence affects individual identity, purpose, and fulfillment. Our focus will be on people's responses to family contemporary essays, autobiography, and fiction, and on our own examination of the past and its influence in our lives. Whenever we identify who we are, we make choices: What do we want or need to emphasize about ourselves? How will people respond to what they learn about us? Will our freedom and control (both short- and long-term) be enhanced or constrained as a result? What combination of skills, influences, insights, and effort will give us the best chance of meeting life on its own terms and making the most of it and of ourselves? This is a first-year seminar course and meets the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GECC.