Exiting the College

Exiting from the College

A student voluntarily exiting from the College must do so formally and in writing by completing a Student Exit Notification and Leave of Absence Form.

The transcripts of students exiting the College after the beginning of the semester and prior to the withdrawal deadline (week nine) will show W grades for all courses enrolled in that semester. The transcripts of students exiting the College after the ninth week will show earned grades of A-F submitted by their instructors at the end of the semester.

Students who exit from the College and who are not on an approved Leave of Absence or Stop Out may reapply by making formal application with the Admissions Office. The W grades received will be used in making an admission decision. For refunds on room, meal plan, and tuition charges, see the refund policy in this catalog.

Leave of Absence for Campus-Based Students

Students in good academic standing, who have an approved Plan of Study on file, if required, and wish to interrupt their studies for a period not to exceed two consecutive regular semesters, may request a leave of absence. Students on a leave of absence do not need to apply for re-admission and will be allowed to pre-register during the regular advance registration period.

Students may apply for a leave of absence by completing a Student Exit Notification and Leave of Absence Form. The leave is not official until the request is approved by the Registrar. A leave for one or two consecutive regular semesters may be requested prior to the add/drop deadline. In special circumstances, the leave of absence may be extended beyond the approved period with the approval of the Registrar.

Stop Out for External Degree Program Students

External Degree Program students must register for a minimum of three credits a semester to maintain active status in the External Degree Program. However, EDP students may take a semester or more off and re-enter the program when it is convenient, and do not need to complete a Leave of Absence Request Form. Any credits taken while out of the program that fit into their degree plan may count toward graduation as long as 30 of the last 39 credits are registered through JSC/EDP. There is no fee for re-entry. If a student has been out of the program longer than five years, he/she must reapply to the External Degree Program. Approval will be contingent, in part, on availability of courses and the student's access to them.