Transfer of Credit

Transfer within the Vermont State Colleges System

College-level credits earned with a grade of C- or better at any VSC degree-granting institution prior to summer 2002 are fully transferable to JSC. These transfer credits do not count in a student's GPA. Credits earned at any VSC degree-granting institution during and after summer 2002 are not considered transfer credit but rather institutional credit, and, therefore, grades earned are counted in a student's GPA. Each credit taken in fulfillment of a GECC requirement at another VSC institution counts toward fulfillment of GECC requirements at JSC in appropriate categories. If you leave one VSC institution while on academic probation and are accepted at another VSC institution, your academic probation status goes with you.

Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions

(See "Transfer Credit Policy and Procedures" at

In order to be eligible for the transfer of credits from other institutions, you must be a matriculated (degree-seeking) student at Johnson State College. Matriculated students at Johnson State who wish to take courses at other institutions and have credits transferred to Johnson State are encouraged to have a conversation with their academic advisor before registering. Transfer credits will not be accepted from non-matriculated students.

Transfer credit may be granted by Johnson State College for college-level courses completed with the equivalent of a grade of C- or better at regionally accredited or officially approved institutions of higher education. Credit for a D in a course may be granted if the second semester of a two-semester, sequential course is completed with a C- or better. In addition, for transfer students holding a two-year associate's degree from an accredited institution, credits applied to that degree will be accepted as transfer credit. Credits earned in a quarter system count as two-thirds of a semester credit. The grades attached to credits accepted in transfer are not calculated in a student's cumulative grade point average.

Johnson State requires that a student accumulate at least 39 credits of upper-level work in order to graduate. Transfer credits are normally accepted as lower-level credits. Students who believe that transferred credits were upper-level work should present documentation (usually in the form of a catalog from the transferring institution) to the Registrar's Office for consideration.

Credits accepted for transfer are not necessarily accepted as meeting requirements in a student's major or for General Education requirements.

The Registrar will evaluate credits for experiential learning and credits from unaccredited institutions to determine their applicability toward graduation requirements. An associate's degree and an R.N. diploma will be accepted as 60 credits.