Lindsey Lehouillier

Lindsey LehouillierStarting off her college career at a big university, Lindsey Lehouillier found that the large classes didn't work for her style of learning. Having taken some classes at JSC during high school as part of the Jump Start Program, Lindsey had a feeling JSC might be a better fit. And she was right.

"I love the classes here," she says. The give and take in JSC's small classes was something she'd been missing. And the close sense of community at the college has given her the chance to really get to know her professors.

The Business program has also provided her with a wide range of learning opportunities. In addition to her classroom experiences, Lindsey has completed an internship at Vermont Electric Co-op and visited Brazil on a business program summer trip.

After she graduates, Lindsey hopes to eventually start a personal finance consulting firm. "I feel like many people could really use guidance in navigating the confusing world of finance," she says. She also hopes to continue to pursue another interest — travel. She's already bought a ticket to Europe for summer 2009, where she plans to spend a month backpacking and touring.

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