Jay Boswell

Jay BoswellAfter attending classes at the Community College of Vermont, Jay Boswell decided that he wanted to take his studies further and pursue a bachelor's degree. He didn't immediately know where he wanted to go, but while helping a friend move into Johnson State, it became clear. "I liked the people and the sense of community I saw, and I liked the location. The mountains are beautiful," he says.

His experience here has supported his initial assessment. "The faculty are really open and approachable, and the students are friendly and easy to talk to," he says. Jay credits his business classes with giving him the foundation he anticipates needing as he moves into the business world, too. He completed a summer internship with JSC Media Services, where he worked with JSC Information Technology staff to provide customer service and support to the various camps and workshops that use the campus during the summer — he says this helped give him real-world experience, too.

"There's a big demand for renewable energy, and I'd like to be a part of pushing Vermont toward energy independence," says Jay. He expects that his experience at Johnson State will help him realize this dream.

Business and Economics Dept.