Nonprofit Management Workforce Development Initiative

What is Workforce Development?

"Workforce development is the coordination of school, company, and governmental policies and programs such that as a collective they enable individuals the opportunity to realize a sustainable livelihood and organizations to achieve exemplary goals, consistent with the history, culture, and goals of the societal context."  (Ronald L. Jacobs’s Understanding workforce development: definition, conceptual boundaries, and future perspectives.” 2002, 10-11)

About the Workforce Development Initiative

In the summer of 2007, Johnson State College received modest funding from the Next Generation Initiative for workforce development education and training in the nonprofit sector.

With this funding, and in collaboration with our community partners, we have taken the following steps, culminating in the piloting of a Nonprofit Management Training Series for entry-level nonprofit management professionals:

1) Survey of Lamoille County Nonprofit Sector

First, during the summer of 2007, JSC sought input from employees (entry level to executive directors, board members, and customers) from eight local and state nonprofits and a representative from the Vermont Nonprofit Task Force to determine the target group for this project.

Though there was a multiplicity of viewpoints, there was agreement on the need for training in several key areas:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Self care
  • Management/Nonprofit management skills (e.g., grant writing, fundraising, risk management, budgeting, etc.)
  • Organizational effectiveness and management (e.g., supervisory skills, information technology)
  • Community development

Click here to view the complete survey results

2) Creation of a Nonprofit Workforce Development Steering Committee

Second, a steering committee was created to:

Determine appropriate training topics (through research and feedback)

  • Offer nonprofit management trainings (intended for entry-level NP professionals)
  • Assess training initiatives
  • Plan and implement the links between nonprofit leaders and entry level staff

3) Creation of an Informal Mission Statement

Third, the group created the following mission statement: “To increase the effectiveness and capacity of nonprofit organization in the Lamoille Valley, the Lamoille Valley Nonprofit Workforce Development Initiative (LVWDI) will offer nonprofit management training seminars for entry level staff and convene discussion forums for leaders of nonprofit organizations.”

4) Offering Nonprofit Management Seminars

Fourth, JSC is serving as a convener, broker, and networker of nonprofit management training seminars (intended for entry-level nonprofit professionals). You can learn more about each seminar by clicking on the link to your left.

5) Creation of Nonprofit Leaders Forum

Beginning in January 2008, JSC's Nonprofit Leaders Forum will offer an opportunity for networking, learning, and exchange by hosting quarterly meetings of leaders in the local nonprofit sector.

The forum will support sustainability by allowing participants to share what’s happening in their organizations including trainings held locally or regionally, local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) activity, statewide WFD initiatives, as well as how they are rising to meet organizational challenges. 

It will be an opportunity for leaders to network and develop professionally in a peer-to-peer setting. The Leaders Forum will be led by a different member and hosted at a different venue each quarter.

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