Student Internship Stories: Tammy Sink

As an intern, Tammy observed People In Partnership meetings and other community coalition meetings and events in efforts to gain an understanding of how community members work to achieve common goals and address pressing social issues.

Tammys says, "I am also involved in Outcome #10 of the Lamoille Valley Community Report Card. This specific 'outcome' is a measurement of how our community provides safety and support for families and individuals. There are nine other 'outcomes' or measurements by which we can use results-bases accountability, a method for 'turning the curve' on troubling data, to assess the problems in our community and find ways to solve them. I am a political science major trying to learn how these efforts are being recognized by our government and what has been effective in facilitating change. I've learned that the Agency of Human Services has allied with these groups and together they use the information provided by this research to provide the help, funding, awareness, etc. wherever it is needed to facilitate a heartening change."

Tammy goes on to say,"I have read the quote 'It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.' I feel this experience has shown me all the candles burning around me and provided me with matches. It has prepared me and extinguished my fears." 

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