Student Internship Stories: Mollie Young Norcross

Nonprofit Management Students Kris Connelly, James Mabior and Mollie Young Norcross As a nonprofit management intern, Mollie interned at Laraway Youth and Family Services, Club Johnson and People in Partnership.  

At Laraway Youth and Family Services Mollie researched the organization’s history, interviewing people connected with Laraway, and creating a Power Point presentation to contribute to their history project. Her site supervisor at Laraway, Kathernine Stamper, said of Mollie's work: “Mollie has contributed organization, creativity, and positive energy to the Laraway History project.  She drafted timelines, crafted interview templates, and readily accepted guidance which, I feel, strengthens Laraway’s efforts towards pursuing this initiative.”

Additionally, Mollie worked on the Lamoille Valley Community Wellness Report to “turn the curve.” This report is produced annually by People in Partnership.  Agencies, organizations and individuals from all sectors of the community collaborate to examine community data, tell the story behind the data, and develop collaborative strategic plans.  In Lamoille Valley, ten Outcome Committees have been formed around the 10 Agency of Human Service Outcomes.  They are in turn engaging multiple partners throughout the region to assess the data and write the wellness report.

Mollie also supported fundraising initiatives and successfully wrote a Teen Grant Initiative of the Future grant.  This $2,000 grant will help support programming initiatives to support local youth programs.

Says Mollie of her experiences: “This internship has been a great learning experience. All aspects of my internship have me stepping out of my box in a comfortable setting, thus growing my comfort zone.  I further understand the concepts we learn during nonprofit trainings and I am applying them to real life situations.”

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