Faculty Profile: Norman McElvany

Norman McElvanyNorm McElvany spent 20 years in the sports industry, holding management, marketing and sales positions and traveling to Europe for companies such as Elan and Rossignol. In his business classes, he shares this experience with students. But by requiring them to interact with small businesses as part of their coursework and internships, he also ensures students apply their theoretical readings and discussions.

Through semester-long projects, students have conducted extensive market research, developed promotional campaigns and made comprehensive presentations to local businesses and tourism organizations. "It raises the commitment level in the students, because it's not just me up in front in the classroom," Norm says. "They're talking with someone with a name and a face waiting for something to be done by December."

Norm also organizes and leads trips to Europe for hospitality and theater classes. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife, an avid birdwatcher. His other interests include his children and two rescued dogs, in addition to golfing, boating, bicycling and riding his 1978 BMW "boxer twin" Airhead motorcycle.

Contact Information:

Martinetti Hall, Room 218
802-635-1302, Norman.McElvany@jsc.edu

Business and Economics