Faculty Profile: Henrique Cezar

Henrique CesarBorn and raised in Brazil, Henrique moved to the US in 1995 to complete his studies. Since then, he has lived and worked in several areas around this country.

Currently he teaches Financial Management and Financial Accounting at JSC. He also teaches Quantitative Analysis for the JSC External Degree Program and different business and economics classes for the Community College of Vermont.

Henrique holds an MBA in International Business from California State University and an MBA in Finance from McGill University. His areas of interest are the stock market and Macroeconomics. "Growing up in an economy with high unemployment levels and inflation of 80% a month, I had to learn how important macroeconomic factors are in keeping an economy stable," he explains.

Henrique worked as a stock trader during the Internet Boom of the 1990's. He was a certified trader from NYSE and NASDAQ. This working experience has contributed to his teaching skills, especially to his finance and accounting classes. Henrique has also worked as a financial consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers where he assisted new business ventures.

His hobbies include traveling, cooking and telling stories. He speaks four languages and enjoys surfing in the summer time. Henrique has lived and worked in three different countries and he has visited more than 30 countries on four continents.

Henrique decided to stop working in the private industry and dedicate himself to education because he enjoys teaching and sharing his experiences. "Moving to the US changed my perspectives and horizons. This society offered me opportunities to grow and to become a better professional. Teaching is not only something pleasurable to me, but it is also a way to share with my students that anybody in this country can achieve his goals."

Contact Information:

Martinetti Hall, Room 223
802-635-1297, Henrique.Cezar@jsc.edu

Business and Economics