AccountingAccounting is the language of business, but business isn't the only field where accountants are in demand these days. Nonprofit organizations, schools and hospitals, government agencies and grassroots enterprises — all need accountants.

That's because the image of an accountant as a "bean counter" is rapidly fading. Instead, today's accountant focuses on auditing controls — both preventive controls (designed to prevent errors or irregularities from happening) and detective controls (designed to find errors or irregularities after they occur). They are trouble shooters and puzzle solvers with a knack for numbers and an eye for details.

JSC offers two accounting programs: a B.A. in Business with a concentration in Accounting; and a Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting, which provides the additional courses required as of July 1, 2014, to meet Vermont licensure requirements and take the national CPA exam.

B.A. in Business concentrating in Accounting

Supported by a stong liberal arts curriculum, as a student in this major you'll take 38 credits of core business courses in key areas such as marketing, social entrepreneurship, business law, economics, accounting and more. In addition, you'll earn 14 credits in additional, accounting-related courses.

And when it's time to graduate, you'll leave prepared to work in a growing field where salaries are high (the mean annual Vermont salary was $66,330 in 2013) and career opportunities are plentiful.

Degree Requirements

Core Business Courses Number of Credits
BUS 1340 Social Entrepreneurship 3
TBA Business Ethics 3
BUS 2230 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 2140 Personal Finance 3
BUS 2410 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 3131 Business Law 3
BUS 3250 Organizational Behavior 3
ACC 2121 Financial Accounting 4
ACC 2122 Managerial Accounting 4
ECO 2020 Macroeconomics 3
ECO 2030 Microeconomics 3
BUS 4720 Senior Seminar 3
Total Core Business Credits 38

Accounting Courses Number of Credits
ACC 3111 Intermediate Accounting I 4
ACC 3112 Intermediate Accounting II 4
ACC 3025 Cost Accounting 3
ACC 2230 Federal Taxes 3
BUS 4810 Internship 6
Total accounting-related credits 20

Overall Credits Toward B.A. Degree 58