About Business & Economics

Theory. Practice. And a Job!

Whether you plan to own your own business, make a name for yourself in a multinational corporation, work in a nonprofit or governmental organization, the JSC Business & Economics Department can help you achieve your goals.

Our departmental faculty and support experts are eager to help you find your passion, guide you in a direction that optimizes your talents, and help you to explore the many options available in the global and local workplace.             

Students tour construction at Jay Peak.



The Business Management and Hospitality and Tourism Management degree programs provide a solid foundation of business and hospitality skills and knowledge on which to build a successful future. 

Our alums have found careers all over the country, from Vermont ski resorts, to spas in places like Phoenix, AZ. We can help you find your place in the global market, as well.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare you for the 21st-century business environment where you can compete on the global stage. We believe in the power of education to transform lives. We care that you succeed. We believe in learning by doing. We will help you find your passion. Learn with us, work with us. Be more than you imagined.