Student Profile: Merlin Poutre

Merlin PoutreAn External Degree Program student, Merlin Poutre says that he came to his psychology major naturally, as an extension of his interests. "I've always been interested in people and the way they work together socially and personally."

JSC has given him opportunities to expand his knowledge of the subject both in the classroom and beyond. "Currently, I'm working with Professor Gina Mireault on a study looking at the development of humor in babies," something that he describes as an, "amazing experience." Not only is the study interesting, it will also help him after he graduates, as he hopes to ultimately earn a PhD, focusing on the research side of psychology.

Merlin credits the small class sizes at JSC as a positive part of his experience here. "It really makes a big difference," he says, "learning in a small class versus a big lecture hall. You can have a dialogue with the faculty in class as well as after — my professors are always available to talk to me."

When he's not in class or conducting research, you can find Merlin outside. In the winter he likes to ski and in the warmer months he enjoys hiking and biking. He also likes taking part in some of the Wellness Club activities offered on campus and is a member of the JSC Ski Club.

Behavioral Sciences