Health & Sport Psychology

The Program

How can psychology be used to improve motivation and
performance? How does physical activity improve mental health and overall well-being? How do stress and other psychological factors affect health and wellness?

Students in this program gain the knowledge and skills to address questions such as these through coursework in psychology and health sciences and a hands-on internship designed to prepare for a career in this growing field. Programs as strong and diverse as this are rarely available to undergraduates and are offered at only a handful of major universities outside New England.

This program, a concentration within the psychology major, launches in fall 2014. Students graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology with a concentration in health and sport psychology.

Health & Sport Psychology Requirements

Students take the 11 required courses for psychology majors (31 credits, including a 3-credit internship related to health and sport psychology). Students in this program also complete the following requirements.

Students take these three courses (9 credits) as psychology electives:

AHS 4030 Psychology of Sport & Exercise 3 credits
AHS 4110 Psychophysiology of Stress 3
AHS 4710 Health Behavior Change & Adherence 3

In addition, students choose two of the following five courses for an additional 6 to 7 credits:

AHS 1010 Contemporary Health Issues 3
SOC 3080 Wellness & Alternative Medicine 3
BIO 3180 Nutrition 3
AHS 3120 Kinesiology 3
AHS 3230 Physiology of Exercise
(QE course)
Total Health & Sport Psychology Credits

(also fulfills the 15-credit Psychology elective requirement):

15-16 credits

Total credits (core Psychology courses plus Health & Sport Psychology courses) 57 credits