Faculty Profile: Gina Mireault

Gina MireaultGina Mireault seems to have a gift for finding the right path, even when she isn't sure which way she's headed. She went to college thinking she'd be a biology major but discovered a passion for quantitative psychological research that led her all the way to a Ph.D. in psychology at UVM, where she began research in the area of childhood parental loss. (Her work in this field has gained national attention and was the source of much of Hope Edelman's book on early mother loss.)  While in graduate school, Gina discovered another passion — teaching — and has been thrilled to be able to combine both in her career at JSC.

In addition to helping her students find the right paths for themselves in the behavioral sciences department at JSC, where she's been a faculty member since 1992, Gina has continued to discover new avenues of research that keep her energy levels high. An interaction with one of her own children sparked an idea for her next research project — the development of humor in children. Gina says that milestones marking this development should be the same across cultures, so her research is assuming an international scope, taking her to places like Scotland and Iceland.

Contact Information:

McClelland Hall , Room 210
802-635-1427, Gina.Mireault@jsc.edu

Behavioral Sciences Student