Faculty Profile: David Hutchinson

David Hutchinson

David Hutchinson prepares both undergraduate and graduate students for careers in psychology and counseling. His areas of special focus are group work, addictions, and grieving. He says that his work dealing with end-of-life issues and loss is serious, but not somber: "Working with dying people helps you keep your own priorities for living squared away."

A former Peace Corps volunteer, David's priorities include travel and maintaining an international perspective in his life and work. He's trained counselors in Grenada and established sister school relationships between five schools in Vermont and Grenada. An upcoming trip to Nicaragua will give his students an opportunity to learn the unique ways the indigenous people of the region deal with addiction and mental illness. In Vermont, David continues his emphasis on intensive, process-oriented coursework with long weekend retreats at an off-campus lodge near Caspian Lake in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom.

In 2006, David was honored with the Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award. He holds positions on the boards of the New England School of Addiction Studies and Northwest Counseling and Support Services in Franklin County, Vt. His book, "The Essential Counselor," was published in 2006.

Contact Information:

McClelland Hall, Room 110

802-635-1305, David.Hutchinson@jsc.edu

Behavioral Sciences Student