Alumni Profile: Jennifer Taylor

A graduate of the Wellness and Alternative Medicine Program, Jennifer Taylor is applying to doctoral programs to delve into her research interests: nutrition, public health and the local foods movement.

She looks forward to combining "research and nutrition education relating to health behavior and local food systems. I think it's a very good fit for me."

Jennifer believes that JSC's Wellness and Alternative Medicine Program (WAM) prepared her well for an advanced degree program.

"My exposure to research and peer-reviewed literature through WAM courses and medical conferences serves as excellent preparation," she said. "The WAM program has provided me with an interdisciplinary degree encompassing health behavior, various healing modalities, research and preclinical course preparation. The program has challenged me to uphold a critical and objective view while studying controversial topics surrounding alternative medicine that are often clouded by opinion and incomplete information."

Most importantly, however, she noted that her JSC experience allowed her to connect and network with students and faculty who share a similar passion for nutrition and wellness.

"The WAM program," she said, "has created a supportive community of faculty and students that I will continue to rely on throughout all my big endeavors within the field of health and wellness."

After graduate school, Jennifer hopes to develop, apply and assess nutrition programs coordinated with sustainable food systems.

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