Alumni Profile: Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly always has enjoyed working with herbs and healers. Even before joining Johnson State's Wellness and Alternative Medicine (WAM) Program, she had worked with local healers and studied herbal medicine, Reiki, nutrition, pregnancy and birth work, and chiropractics.

The WAM Program expanded her knowledge base and connections even further.

Through WAM, "I was given the tools to combine my love of herbs and my commitment to making natural health options more accessible to the local area," Amy said.

The skills she learned at WAM and with local healers now is being put to good use at Sweet Hollow Herbs, her successful and thriving herbal store in Johnson. The store is a virtual hub for central-Vermont healers and those who use herbs in their own healing; it regularly provides workshops with alternative professionals in alternative medicine.

"I am grateful for all of the support I received from the WAM program in the many forms in which it came," Amy said. "Thank you, JSC."

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