Alumni Profile: Amanda Butler

After 15 years away from school, and the added role of becoming a mother, Amanda Butler was looking for a way to pursue her lifelong dream of working in medicine.

She found a practical way to pursue that dream through Johnson State's External Degree Program; the college's Wellness and Alternative Medicine (WAM) Program gave her the academic foundation she needed.

"When I finally resumed my studies after a 15-year absence, I looked for a program that would not only accommodate my work schedule but also provide me with the appropriate academic background required to pursue an advanced degree in medicine," Amanda said. "JSC's EDP program gave me the schedule flexibility I needed to take all of my prerequisite classes in preparation for graduate school admissions while still working full time to support myself and my son."

Through WAM, Amanda discovered a diverse range of classes that "afforded me the chance to explore many different aspects of healthcare that have expanded my view of medicine. This will greatly benefit my ability to provide comprehensive and effective medical care to my future patients."

After having graduated from JSC in May 2010, Butler is attending Hahnemann Physician Assistant Program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where she was recently awarded the National Health Service Corps scholarship, which pays her whole tuition, fees, books, health insurance and a living stipend for the three years of the program.

"I look forward to a long career as a primary care provider with a focus on integrative medicine," she said.

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