Students with Disabilities

Johnson State College is committed to providing support for all students so they may achieve their full academic potential, and we provide appropriate accommodations and services to ensure that students can fully participate in JSC programs. Services for students with disabilities are provided through Academic Support Services, located in Dewey Hall.

By law, post-secondary institutions do not automatically provide services and accommodations to students with disabilities; rather, students must request services. Students seeking academic accommodations should submit written documentation (see below) prior to the start of classes, then meet with the learning specialist in the Academic Support Services office in Dewey Hall, preferably at the beginning of their first semester. There is no automatic referral process. Students must meet with the learning specialist each semester to arrange accommodations.

Documenting the Need for Accommodations

Documentation of a disability should be no more than three years old. It must include a diagnostic evaluation by a qualified professional, an assessment and specific diagnosis based on test results, and specific recommendations for accommodations and the reasons for them. The documentation also must substantiate the student's need for accommodations based on his or her current level of functioning in an educational setting.

A school plan such as an IEP or 504 Plan by itself is insufficient documentation, but it can be part of a more comprehensive evaluation. Moreover, accommodations received in the past do not guarantee future accommodations. If documentation is missing, out

of date or insufficient, students are responsible for providing additional documentation. More specific information on documentation can be found below.

Documentation Forms and Guidelines

To download guidelines for documentation as well as appropriate disclosure forms, click on the links below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) to view these forms. Click on the link to download Acrobat Reader.


To Learn More

For more information or to schedule an appointment with JSC's learning specialist, call 802-635-1259. TTY users may call 802-635-1456.