Writers' Online Workshop (WOW)

Write Here. Write Now. Write Right.

Welcome to Johnson State College's Writers' Online Workshop (WOW)!  We are here to provide online assistance in writing to registered JSC students

Questions about writing or drafts of papers submitted via email will be answered by our professional tutors within 24 hours (not including weekends).  We also have a list of links to information about general principles of grammar and composition. 

What We Can Do

We can provide help with the following:

  • Getting started - topic brainstorming, introductions, thesis statements, focus, overall organization
  • Transitions, paragraph development, sentence structure, flow
  • Use of evidence/examples, argument construction
  • General grammatical principles, word choice, diction
  • Conclusions
  • Specific questions about writing not related to a particular assignment


What We Can't Do

We are unable to:

  • Edit or proofread a paper
  • Provide help with formatting
  • Provide help with APA/MLA citation format — Click on this link for information on research and documenting sources
  • Provide help with drafts longer than six pages (For longer papers, it's best to come in to our "on-the-ground" Writer's Workshop located on campus in the Learning Resource Center in Dewey Hall, Room 114.)

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