First Year Advisement Program

During your first year of college, you are bound to have some questions. Your advisor is here to help!

Who is my advisor?

You will be notified of your advising assignment when your arrive at new student orientation.  You can also check your profile in Web Services for your advisor's contact information. If you are enrolled in a fall First Year Seminar course, your advisor will be connected to that class. Otherwise, you will be assigned to an advisor in your academic department.

How often should I meet with my advisor?

As a first-year student, you are required to meet with your advisor at least 5 times during the academic year. Plan to schedule and appointment with him or her during:

  • Late August/Early September: To get to know your advisor! Plan to discuss your response to the "Important First Questions" sheet you completed during new student registration. Be sure to talk with your advisor about any concerns you have and any scheduling changes.
  • Late September/Early October: To 'check in' and discuss your progress. If you find yourself struggling in any area (academic or personal), this is your opportunity to think about different strategies and/or to get connected with support services on campus.
  • Early November: To select classes for the spring semester. Watch for Pre-Registration announcements on MyJSC and in your JSC email account. The advising staff in the Career Center will offer walk-in advising hours during November to help you with class selection, utilizing Web Services, etc.
  • Late January/Early February: To reflect on the fall semester and to discuss strategies for the spring semester. Be sure to discuss any scheduling changes.
  • Mid-March: To select classes for the fall semester. Many first- year students will be assigned a new advisor during the summer prior to their second year so you may need to discuss this process, your preferences, and program changes if you are selecting or changing your major.