Plans of Study

What is a Plan of Study?

A Plan of Study is best described as your 'road map' to graduation. With your advisor, you'll complete the Plan of Study form by entering the courses you've already completed and mapping out the remaining courses over future semesters. You should refer to this document each semester to be sure that you are completing all the necessary requirements.

When do I need to complete a Plan of Study?

The Plan of Study is a great planning tool at any stage. You will be required to submit an approved Plan of Study once you have completed:

  • 45 credit hours for a bachelor's degree program
  • 12 credit hours for an associates degree program


If you are a transfer student transferring in:

  • 45 credit hours or more for a bachelor's degree program
  • 12 credit hours or more for an associate's degree program

you must complete a plan of study within your first semester at JSC.


Students who have who have completed the credit hours listed above will not be allowed to register or take a leave of absence until they have met this requirement.

Who approves my Plan of Study?

You should work with your advisor to complete the plan of study form and to determine the appropriate courses to meet degree requirements. Once your advisor approves the completed form, you will need to obtain approval from the Department Chair. From there, submit your Plan of Study to the Registrar's office.

What do I do if I want to change my Plan of Study?

It's okay for you to take courses other than those listed on your plan of study so long as the courses you choose will also meet the appropriate requirement. You should check with your advisor in advance to be sure. If you are making significant changes, you should submit a revised Plan of Study with the same approvals as listed above

Note: An approved substitution form will be required to include, in your Plan of Study, any course other than those listed in the degree requirements.